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Beware of Scammers

March 16, / in 2015 Winter, Written by Katherine Albrecht

In January the IRS issued its annual “Dirty Dozen” tax scams for 2015. Tops on the list is aggressive and
threatening telephone calls purporting to come from IRS agents. “Phishing” for personal information
through the use of fake emails and websites also made the list. Callers often target the elderly, immigrants
and others they believe […]

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Protect Your Lien Rights Even During an Economic Boom

February 12, / in 2015 Winter, Written by Peter Gojcaj

Now that the auto industry is roaring, special tool builders and mold builders should not rest on blind
confidence that they will get paid for their materials and services. Michigan law provides added security to
both special tool builders and mold builders that haven’t been paid for their materials and services. Both the
Michigan Special […]

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Improving Your Odds to Win the Battle of the Forms

February 12, / in 2015 Winter, Written by Mike Gibbons

There is an endless variety of contracts that businesses enter into everyday. They can range from a verbal order for a single product to a heavily negotiated, long-term written supply agreement covering many years and millions of dollars in goods. Most businesses do not have lawyers regularly review the contracting process for each transaction. Many […]

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Are You Prepared to Become Unmarried?

February 12, / in 2015 Winter, Written by Mike Salhaney

As Valentine’s Day approaches, our thoughts turn to expressing our love to those who are important in our
lives. Husbands are scrambling to find a card and flowers; boyfriends are making dinner reservations and buying chocolates. Wives and girlfriends may be doing the same, but are excited to see just how their
significant others are […]

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Legislature Addresses Court Funding after the Cunningham Decision

January 9, / in 2015 Winter, Written by Peter Gajcaj

Recently, Governor Rick Snyder signed House Bill 5785, which amends MCL 769.1k and addresses court
funding issues. Amended MCL 769.1k now provides courts with ample authority to assess fines and costs
against certain defendants who plead guilty, nolo contendere, or are found guilty by a court. Evidently, this
statute was amended by the Legislature in […]

Interview with Prominent Real Estate Broker, Viktor Gjonaj

October 2,2014 / in 2014 Fall, Written by Peter Gajcaj

You may have seen his name posted on the ubiquitous black and yellow “Signature Associates” signs spread across southeast Michigan. His name is Viktor Gjonaj; he is one of Signature Associates’ most proficient commercial real estate brokers. He works with some of the largest fortune 500 companies in meeting their real estate needs. Among other […]

Five Reasons to Play by the Corporate Rules

October 2, / in 2014 Fall, Written by Mike Gibbons

Most businesses operate using a formal legal entity (either a corporation or a limited liability company). (This article will refer to corporations since those entities remain more commonly used and their formalities are more settled.) The applicable corporate statutes and case law, and good practice generally, set forth rules as to how certain actions should […]

Estate Planning-It’s Not Just What Happens to Your Stuff When You Die

August 5, 2014 / in 2014 Summer, Uncategorized, Written by Katherine Albrecht

Most people know they need a will, whether they choose to do something about it or not. They care about how their assets will be distributed at their death. However, they often do not realize that they also need to plan for what will happen to themselves and their assets if they become incapacitated. They […]

And BOOM Go the Fireworks

July 18, 2014 / in 2014 Summer, Uncategorized, by Jeffrey S. Kragt

I have to admit that I became a bit nostalgic when I received the fireworks catalogue a couple months ago in the mail. It took me back to my early teens, flipping through the catalogue wondering what, if anything, my parents would let me buy. At that time, you could not buy fireworks in Michigan, […]

Michigan’s New Two-Inch Rule Related to Sidewalk Defects and Trip and Falls

June 28, 2012 / in 2012 Spring, Municipal Law Written by Mike Salhaney

Municipalities can breathe a sigh of relief from trip and fall claims and lawsuits now that the Michigan Legislature has brought the “two-inch rule” back to life. The rule gives local units of government the ability to rely upon a presumption that a sidewalk is in a reasonable state of repair if a defect in […]

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